Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

The sole security services company featuring a special department of corporate counter- intelligence and anti-surveillance, with trained operators.

Professional countermeasures according to international standards

•  Special spectrum analyzers

•  Non-Linear Junction

•  Thermal cameras

•  Drones for airborne video and photographs

•  Optical remote-controlled cameras

•  Special wall scanners, X-RAY generators, signal demodulators

•  Scanners for hidden cameras and digital recording devices

•  Inductive countermeasures for telephone lines

TSCM services, also known as Electronic Countermeasures, are used against various electronic microsystems for tapping, and require high-level
technical know-how and top-tier equipment.

In Greece, these issues are largely ignored despite the fact that we live in an age where espionage is widely known and has seeped into our daily lives.

With the rapid evolution of technology and easy access to the internet, these electronic microsystems (bugs) have become affordable and can be acquired by any party willing to gain access to private information, and more. We have thus entered the era of industrial espionage.