Social responsibility - Social contribution

The activity of IRON GUARD PROTECTION attests to the fact that, apart from integrated security solutions, we also have social awareness.

We at IRON GUARD PROTECTION feel that it is our duty to contribute towards improving the life of certain social groups, as well as to support environmental programs aiming at a better quality of life for all of us. For this reason, we carry out programs and social tasks, either independently or in collaboration with well-established bodies and institutions, to inform, raise awareness and substantially intervene to change the daily lives of vulnerable social groups for the better.

Within the framework of social responsibility and contribution IRON GUARD PROTECTIOΝ supports the nonprofit organization Greek Anti Bullying Union. (G.A.B.U) This non-governmental, nonprofit organization provides counseling and direct help and support to victims of school violence, a phenomenon that has gone out of proportion and threatens hundreds of pupils and families.

By assigning its specially-trained personnel, free of charge, IRON GUARD PROTECTIOΝ helps to control the outcome of several incidents and educates both children and families that require help.